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Vehicle Magnets


Elite Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of options in magnets.  Magnets have such a permanent marketing advantage, they are so very powerful and great value for your money.  No matter what size or quantity you need, we have a solution for you.


With some affordable car door magnets, your car or truck becomes a mobile advertisement and every job site / home you visit becomes a testimonial to your craft. It’s not just your transportation -- it’s an eye-catching mobile advert that you drive through the neighbourhoods you service every day. 


Car magnets are highly accessible and attractive ways to increase your potential viewers for your product or campaign. Magnetic car signs are easily cared for and will last multiple years with care. Although car magnets are easily applied and forgotten, with careful application and maintenance you can improve their durability.




Tips to Consider Before You Begin:

Before application, thoroughly clean the area where you are applying the magnet and dry it with a soft cloth. This will allow the magnet to grip more easily and become secure for higher-speed travel. When the weather is extremely cold, take precautions because magnets will have less capacity to grip and can become stiff. Place the car magnets on the areas of the vehicle that are the flattest to ensure that there are no trapped air pockets. This will aid the sign's magnetic grip. Apply it by placing contact of one corner of the magnet onto the car. The magnetic force will pull the sign into place. Avoid pulling or stretching the sign as it may cause damage to the edges.


You will also want to ensure that the selected spot is clean and has no rust, ridges or bumps that will harm the magnetic grip or look of the sign. Be careful not to bend the magnet during application or removal to avoid damaging the print or the corners of the sign.


Follow these steps to aid the durability and longevity of your car magnets:

  • Avoid placing the magnets horizontally or directly facing sunlight as this can cause fading

  • Remove any smudges and stains on the car magnet by using a soft cloth or paper towels

  • Make sure that your magnets are completely dry before you re-attach them

  • When the car magnet is not being used, keep it secure in a dry, clean location

The standard car magnet manufacturer information suggests separating magnets from each other in order to avoid interference. You can place the magnets on flat surfaces such as wooden boards or shelving that keeps the magnets apart. You can use iron-based surfaces for storage, but avoid metallic surfaces, including silver, copper, nickel or others.


By following a few simple methods of caring for your car magnets, you can preserve them for long-term use. Another advantage of purchasing inexpensive car magnets and signs is that you can custom design them. Even if you have a small budget, car signs are an effective advertisement that is custom, low-cost and durable.

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