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Considering a New Logo?

When considering whether or not to have a new logo developed, there’s always the temptation to take some short cuts. Usually to save time, money, or a combination of both. The trouble with that is, mostly this option will turn out to be neither inexpensive nor fast, and may cause a load of headaches down the road – especially when your company starts to become more high-profile, with the use of branding techniques. Some examples? You may think about using a clip art image (not a good idea – the image probably isn’t licensed for use as a logo or if it is, is already being used by a load of other people).


You may think about downloading a logo template from a logo website (similarly not a good idea – as most of these template sites are ‘anonymous’ and you’re never going to be sure if the work is original. And even if the work is legit, it certainly won’t be unique. The very idea of ‘templates’ involves many people using the same design. And if it is unique, the chances that you’ll get the correct formats are slim).


At the end of the day, there’s only one effective way to design a logo unique and original, and that’s to work with a design professional with the experience to get your job right.  It is important to remember that a logo often doesn’t explain what you do – but your branding should!


Disconnecting icons and text

If your logo is to feature both an icon and a tagline, it’s best to have the elements as distinct pieces of artwork (as opposed to overlapping, intertwining, etc). This way, you’ll be able to use either the text or icon solo, and the logo will still stand up.


Understand that your logo is just the beginning

True, it’s an important beginning, but a beginning never the less. Don’t expect your logo to single-handedly develop your company’s ‘brand’. Far from it. It is only by repeated use of your logo, combined with graphical elements (your stationery, marketing and advertising, etc) as well as the old-fashioned stuff (business ethic, customer service, etc) that will create your ‘brand’ or corporate image. Having said that, however, your new logo is the corner stone of these efforts, and it’s pretty important to get it right.


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